MK patterns

As of June 24, 2007, this index – now known as the Machine Knitter’s Treasure Chest – will be a collaborative effort hosted at Needles of Steel.

Sorry for the confusion so soon after starting, but please visit the new site and update your bookmarks. All updates will be at the new site, not here.

21 thoughts on “MK patterns

  1. Dear Linda,

    I love that you have put this listing together of free MK patterns that are available on the net. It is so helpful to find everything in one place. Ileen

  2. Linda, this is just great, thanks so much, I am always looking for patterns and I can have a great time going thru these. thanks again.

  3. Hi Linda, this is a great list. I wanted a quick baby blanket in tuck stitch and found it on your list. Thanks a lot. Joan

  4. I made a corkscrew scarf on the Bond. I cannot remember how I made it. I think I incorporated short row method with i-cord methods. Anybody know of a knitting machine pattern?

  5. Good morning: I’ve searched all over for a bolero pattern – love your with the crocheted edging. However, I want to do it on a standard & I don’t see the pattern for standard guage – am I missing something?
    Thank you so much. I’d like to do a teen size or ladies’ very small.
    Thanks for sharing with us MK.

  6. I’m so glad to see a machine knitting website with patterns. I am dusting off my machines after 10 plus years and trying to knit again. I tried to get the free tam pattern but something else comes up when you click on and not a pattern for a tam.

    Thanks for having the website

  7. Thanks so much for putting up this site….I am getting back to MKing after about 5 years off (sock knitting, then soap making were my addictions). But now I am going to be a first time grandmother and would like my granddaughter to have something made by ME! Thanks so much….Joy

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