Japanese pattern tutorials

Tutorials on this blog related to Japanese charted crochet and knitting patterns:

Great guides/tutorials from other sites:

Last but not least, probably the best place on the internet for help with Japanese knitting & crochet patterns is the friendly Japanese knitting & crochet group on Ravelry.

8 thoughts on “Japanese pattern tutorials

  1. OMG! You are my savior. I’ve been looking for someone to teach these blurb writtens and finally I understand the meaning of all that symbols. Thank you for the lessons and sharing this great tutorial. I share this web link to my community so they can learn also. Great job dear friend!!!!

  2. i need help…i got the pattern from ravelry and it on diagram form. which i cant read it i down loaded your cheat sheet and it not really helping.
    1. the cluster are not coming out.
    2.do i do th ecluster righ tnext to each other or i skip a stich?
    3.can you just email me plz and we can talk over it cuz im feeling kinda stupid right about now thanks

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