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I’m a graduate student recent Ph.D. graduate who has more hobbies than she knows what to do with. The ones that I enjoy most are hand knitting, machine knitting, and homebrewing.

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  1. You mentioned the string bag. Did you do that on the knitting machine, or was it a hand knit project.

    I survived graduate school, and waited till afterwards to get my knitting machines which I am just now learning to use. Good luck with graduate school!

    • Just found this site and I am excited to find out if I can learn this method – some of the most beautiful designs I have found are Japanese! I found and printed out the hat pattern easily and that motivated me to go forward -Thanks, Sandy ps this is older site but I hope to use it often.

  2. Well, I’ve done both. Most recently, I was knitting them on my standard-gauge machine. I keep meaning to post about it but never get around to it (the story of my life).

    Good luck with your machines! Which ones do you have?

  3. Hi I found you posting on Ravelry and saw that you also read/speak Japanese. My 18 yr old son is learning….anyway, I am really into the Habu/ Setsuko Tori book, and I went to the shop when I was in New York earlier this month. I picked up a Skirt Kit and they gave me some directions in English, but I am still not sure exactly how to knit the skirt and what the best way to knit the short rows would be. I don’t know if maybe you could help me decipher it?? I could post the pics of the Japanese Knit pattern, and the English directions under my ‘projects’ page in Ravelry ( that’s allowed isn’t it?) and then maybe you could advise?? I am sure about all the instructions except the short rows. They read something like this –
    The bottom of the skirt is knit like a sideways tube, and then attached to a reg, smaller tube at the top like a yoke for the skirt. I have all the yarns, and the needles, and the directions I only can 1/2 understand. It’s really just the short rows I am not comprehending. I have an easier time with the rest of the pattern because the drawings are pretty complete/well done.
    I really appreciate any bit of help you could give!! Thanks, fellow Raveler,Is that right? Sincerely, Julianne B

  4. I’m so happy to see that there’s still some interest in machine knitting! I’m planning to retire from teaching this summer, so I’m starting to think about digging my Brother 260 out from under the pile of laundry and see if I can figure it out again. Your pieces in the photos are wonderful – very inspiring! Can’t wait to get started!

  5. Hi:
    Great info on machine knitting. I am actually going to Tokyo this summer and I machine knit on standard Brothers machine, so I was excited to see suggestion to your site from WordPress. I was introduced to machine knitting in college, Fashion Institute of Technology, NY and I love it. I love fashion, so my blog is about all things fashion including knitting.

  6. Hello,

    I love this site. I’m looking for people just like you!!

    My mother passed away in September 08 and one of her many talents involved machine knitting. She left us 4 – yes 4 knitting machines: 2 Studios, on Singer and one Passap Duomatic.

    In the 70’s she bought me a Singer at Sears and taught me how to use it. I turned out some amazing things, but began a family and heaven only knows where the Singer is now.

    Anyway, before she left us she insisted that I get the Passap with all of it’s magical gifts of creativity. I am just now moving it and all it’s accessories in to my new studio….on site, but away from the house!!!

    I have bought “Be you own Passap Paramedic” and will need to completely clean the machine before using it. I believe that the cleaning process will be like “birthing.” It will take time and patience along with a lot of hard work, but will be well worth the trouble. I feel certain I will know my machine quite intimately when I’m finished.

    Again, I am so glad I’ve met y’all – I’m from Texas – and I really look forward to some good conversations.

    BTW, Mother published a few original pattern books which I can still get my hands on if anyone becomes intested down the road.

    She was “K. Lewis” if anybody is interested.

    More later I’m sure and next time I won’t be so long.


  7. Knittsing helped me start cleaning my new old Miss Pinky. Went to Dknits; got the manual just to confirm I did it right. (I have now the hands of a “machinist”). So far so good.
    Now the machine is in a “room of my own” and I look at it totally befuddled, perplexed and I think I’ll cry — no manual yet but then I read here that manual don’t tell you much – how to thread, how to cast on, etc to get you to sing and dance with your machine.
    Moved the locks got to the extreme right to the 4 color changer which does not always work ??? when the ** yarn eyelet holder finally pops up and is carried by the lock it makes a funny ratteling noise on the stricking combs and on the return just falls off – or does not get put back on the ** color changer.
    (before knowing how to work with Miss Pinkie, I have to learn a new language now) — Anyone tried the download version?? are they good?? – any good dvd, vhs (still have one to play them) Where do I look on the net — Now do I need the color manual too or just the manual for the 80 – I did get the volume 2 of the passap handbook DECO with the machine but I ‘ll need the deco – the machine must have had one a long long time ago. I got some patterns too but all of them use the DECO –
    Maybe my singer is just jealous now and does not want to share space with Miss Pinkie – true she’s not as beautiful, but very easy —
    Thanks for this site and all other sites to sooth my anxieties and frustrations.

  8. Hello,
    -I have used and taught on the Passap DM80 for many years. It is hands down the best, “V” bed machine to imitate industry machinery.
    -Happy to answer any questions.
    -The first thing to realize is that this is NOT a ‘press-one-button-and-hey-presto’ out comes a miracle.
    -This is about patient, hand manipulation of loops between the beds that is going to make for the best results.
    -Start with what I affectionately call “mini-mees”. Scaled down versions of what you want to make. Including shaping, fully fashioning, darts etc. Practice … make perfect … then create the final garment.
    -I am also in the market for used/new Passap DM80s for student use. Not interested in E6000 of electric models. Just the basic DM80. Please contact me with this e-mail address. gerreinfo@comcast.net.
    -Happy knitting.

  9. Hi!

    I found your blog while searching for a DM 80 instructions manual… A friend has given me her old machine and I’m just starting to learn how to deal with it. Unfortunatly I don’t have the manual. Do you know where I can find one? A website or something where I can find or order it? I live in Portugal…

    Thank you and good knitting…


  10. Dear Dancingbarefoot,
    I see from one of your blog stmts that you are from the Anchorage area?? I am in Fairbanks and have an Elna 2400 standard gauge knitting machine. When I moved here from the lower 48 I brought some totes of cone yarn with me but some of it is getting to the depleted stage and needs to be replentished. Where do you purchase your cone yarn? I have called places around Anchorage that were listed on the net but have not had much luck. It is so terribly expensive to have anything shipped up here that I would like to find a supplier in the state. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
    Darlene Piekarski

  11. Hi Darlene,

    Yes, I’m from Anchorage, although due to attending school out of state, I’m not there year-round. I got most of my coned yarn from a knitting machine shop in Anchorage that was closing due to the owners’ infirmity. Since it closed, I don’t know of any sources of coned yarn in the state, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong. I hope you have some luck finding some.

  12. Hi Dancingbarefoot,

    My grandmother gave me a KnitKing which was made in Germany. How do you find out which model this is?


  13. I have been given a Corona Knitting machine CH1000 brand new in the box. It’s definitely old but never been used. It has 2 instruction books. My sister is an avid knitter so she will probably end up with it. I’m curious if the machine is easy to operate, its value anybody interested? Thank you.

  14. Hey!

    I have been itching to find a knitting machine for a while now, yet I have NO idea what separates a good/well working machine from a machine you can only strip for parts! I’m finding out that even though it’s somewhat “outdated”/misunderstood by hand knitters, there is still an underground movement=supercool. I’m an intermediate hand knitter/crocheter and vintage inspired jewelry designer, hoping to quickly turnaround projects and such for indie/handmade markets. After reading your blog, it seems like you’ve accumulated several different machines. The one I hopefully win is a brother KH860. If I’ve never machine knitted before, will it be easy to learn? Is a passap or other knitting machine better suited for a beginner?

    Thanks for your insight!

  15. Hi dancingbarefoot, I came across your site whilst trying to figure out a japanese crochet pattern. I have been crocheting only with the UK/US type text patterns so following diagrams is something new to me. The one I’m looking at seems especially difficult and there are a lot of words I cannot find translations to even though I tried googling for relevant sources to help. I am wondering if you could give me a heads up on the instructions if I sent you a picture of the pattern? Thanks so much.

  16. Hi! My name is Haidy, how are you? I came across your website because I was looking for reviews for “http://gosyo.shop.multilingualcart.com/index_en_jpy.html” and I notice you’ve used patterns from there. I was wondering, if you have bought from that website, is it reliable and how does the money exchange work out?

    • Yes, I have purchased from the Pierrot Yarns website, and it was a very nice shopping experience. I had no trouble submitting my order and it arrived quickly from Japan. Both orders I’ve made came with hand-written notes thanking me for my order, too – impressive customer service! At the time I last bought, the exchange rate was favorable (euros > yen), but of course that depends on what currency you use. Overall, though, I think their yarn prices are so inexpensive that it’s a good deal.

  17. Hi,
    I happen to read your blog and was thrilled that I can communicate with someone who can explain japanese pattern.If I send you a pattern can you guide me through it. Some of the question I will be asking\
    1. What needle to use
    2,What is gauge instruction
    3.What yarn is used
    4. What is size on pattern
    4. How do I change the pattern to fit my size

  18. Hi!

    I’ve been using wool up until now when crocheting, but I really want to try using cotton. I’m looking for something that’s soft and slips through my fingers smoothly but more importantly something that doesn’t pill or splits so easily when I’m crocheting. Recently, I found a link to Pierrot’s website and saw the large selection of yarn, but I didn’t want to buy them without seeing it first hand. I was wondering what your thoughts were on their cotton yarn selection particularly Cotton Neat.

    Thank you! :)

  19. Hi Michelle. I haven’t knit or crocheted with Cotton Neat, but I do have a sample of it from their sample book. It’s very soft and seems like it would be nice to work with. You might want to check Cotton Neat in Ravelry and see what people have said about using it.

  20. Hi,
    You asked and I gave you permissson to use my photo (west with roses).
    I´d like to use a link to your fantastic instruction of japaneese patterns – it’s an absolutety wonderful lesson!

    Completely impossible to understand without a rather pedagogic effort and plenty of descriptions.

    Tell me if you think it’s a bad idea.

    Kindest regards Inger at Gruvfruns

  21. I have inherited a Corona CN-9 Genie knitting machine.

    It did not come with any: manual, table clamps or tools.

    I have since aquired the manual for a more updated model. My machine does not have all the levers in this book.

    Does anyone know where i can get a copy of the correct manual?

    What about table clamps

  22. Hello, I have 2 pattern books by Kathleen Lewis, Fun things to Make on the Passap and Original Patterns for your Passap. I do not have a machine and am listing them on eBay, if anyone is interested, my name on the eBay site is Tastefulshopping.

  23. Dear Doctor: Thank you..thank you. The tutorials are excellent and have answered so many questions – especially the details about shaping ..I also appreciate the Pierrot Yarn reviews. Perhaps you could revive “Bride’s School”! Please don’t stop!

  24. Hi there. I have a question about the McCall’s baby cardigan pattern that you posted on revelry. Not sure if I am doing my math wrong or what — but is the back really supposed to be narrower than the front? The back has 51 stitches, and considering the overlap of the front button band, it has the equivalent of 61. Is this correct? (I also posted question to you on Ravelry.)

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