Merino Gradation neckwarmer

Don’t you love it when you stumble across just the right button for something? Even better if it’s already in your button tin and you don’t have to buy one. A few days ago, I finished making Hubby-Approved Neckwarmer for my husband, but I didn’t get around to putting a button on it until last night. I didn’t remember having any buttons big enough, but decided to have a look through my button tin anyway (which is actually just an old film canister – I miss having loads of empty ones for odds & ends, don’t you? Must be somewhere you can buy them without analog film, I guess.)

Turns out I not only had a button the right size, but it’s a perfect color match. Score! I used Pierrot Yarns Merino Gradation in the white/blue-gray/black colorway, and the button matches the smoky blue-gray color perfectly.

neckwarmer in Merino Gradation neckwarmer in Merino Gradation

I used three full skeins (186yds/170m) of Merino Gradation on US8 needles (5.0mm), and I cast on 36 st to make it wider. The pattern is extremely simple, but the instructions for buttonhole placement are lacking. As you can see in the photo, I had to put the button on the very end just so it wouldn’t choke K when he’s wearing it. I debated ripping back and re-doing the buttonhole, but by the time I realized that placing the buttonhole where the pattern says is a bad idea if you like to breathe, I’d gone several inches. So I let laziness get the better of me and kept going. I do have a partial skein left, though, so I might cast on again, knit a few more inches, and then graft it onto the short end.

The Merino Gradation was great to work with, by the way, and it’s really soft. My husband likes the smoothness and also thinks the colors are not too feminine for him to wear. A full review of the yarn (with swatches) coming later today or tomorrow!


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