Pierrot Yarns review: ett

OK, so without further ado, here’s my review of Pierrot Yarns ett エット (store link || Ravelry link). These are the four skeins I have (clockwise from top): Pale Gray, 2 skeins of Grape, and Ivory.

four skeins of Pierrot Yarns ett

I didn’t plan to go so long before posting it, but I’ve been waiting for the clouds to clear to get some good outdoor photos of the yarn. Unfortunately, the weather here in Paris hasn’t been cooperating. Today the rain let up a bit, so the best I can do right now is to give you a picture of the swatch before washing. I’ll add the after washing picture and gauge info later. (ETA: new post-washing swatch photos added – see below)

Like I mentioned in my last post, the name of this yarn is Swedish (ett means ‘one’). I don’t know why Japanese yarn companies are using Swedish names for yarns, but my guess is because a) it looks ‘exotic’ and b) for the connection to Nordic knitting. Nordic knitting techniques seem to be all the rage in Japan right now (lots of books on Nordic knitting, etc.), so I guess it makes sense.

Anyway, down to the nuts and bolts. Here’s what you’ll find on the label. It’s all in Japanese, but I hope that by including the Japanese here, it’ll be helpful for those who don’t speak Japanese.

  • メリノウール100% [100% merino wool]
  • 約25g玉巻(約75m)[approx. 75m per 25g skein]
  • 棒針 3号〜5号 [recommended needle range: Japanese size 3-5 knitting needles (3.0-3.6mm)]
  • カギ針 2号〜3号 [recommended crochet hook range: Japanese size 2/0 – 3/0 (2.0-2.3mm)]
  • メリヤス 23目 32段 [suggested gauge: 23 st and 32 rows in 10cm in stockinette]

Swatch (before washing/blocking):

30 st in stockinette on US 5 (3.75mm). I’m a tight knitter, so I chose a needle at the high end of the recommended range (actually, 0.15mm bigger than the largest needle recommended, 3.6mm). My gauge before washing was 26 st and 30 rows in 10x10cm. So, that’s a wee bit different than the suggested gauge on the ball band, but considering how tightly I knit, I think it’s within range. The gauge may change after washing and blocking, too.

swatch of ett before washing

Swatch (after washing/blocking):

30 st in stockinette on US 5 (3.75mm). My gauge after washing was 25 st and 34 rows in 10x10cm. Washing had little effect on stitch gauge, but row gauge changed quite a bit. (That reminds why it’s a good idea to wash swatches before starting a big project like a sweater where measurements really matter.) Also, after washing and air-drying, this has really bloomed – unbelievably soft now!

ett swatch, washed, stockinette frontett swatch, washed, stockinette back

My impressions:

  • The yarn before washing is soft. The off-white is a bit softer than the purple, but still, I’d compare it to Cascade 220 for softness.
    • UPDATE: After washing and air-drying my swatch, I’m upgrading from soft to really soft. I just compared it with the gloves I knit in Cascade 220, and the ett swatch is much softer than the Cascade 220.
  • It has a fairly tight twist, so I think that it’ll hold up to wear and tear nicely. I should know a little more after the washed swatch is dry, especially whether or not it pills.
  • The color range is really nice. The three colors I have (Ivory, Grape, and Pale Gray) complement each other well, and judging from the color card, the other available colors have been well chosen to suit each other. No problem with clashing colorways here.
  • Doesn’t split while you’re working with it.

Aside from the swatch, I’m at work on some convertible mittens with this yarn (Ravelry link below). The yarn was easy to knit up – no splitting, no pilling just from the friction of your fingers (I’m looking at you, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino…). All in all, I have to give this yarn a good rating.


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