Pierrot Yarns: general overview

OK, so it’s time to start reviewing the yarns sent to me by the generous folks at Pierrot Yarns. I thought it’d work best if first I gave a general overview of all the yarns I received. Then I’ll start with detailed reviews of each yarn.

I’m just going to include thumbnails here since there are quite a few photos. Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger photo (or view them in my stash on Ravelry).

First up is ett, which is quite fitting because ett means ‘one’ in Swedish. (Don’t know why, but several Japanese yarn companies have had Swedish names in their yarn lines in the last 1-2 years. Pierrot also has yarns called två and tre (2 and 3), and some with mjuk ‘soft’ in the name.) Anyway, this is the ett that Pierrot sent me to review for them:


It’s hard to tell from my photo, but that’s actually not two balls of white, but one ball of light gray and one ball of cream. First impression: with a moderately hard twist, this is a great yarn for things you need to hold up well.

Next up is Merino Gradation:

Merino Gradation

First impression: amazingly soft! This is two plies, but only loosely plied together. I normally don’t like loosely plied yarns, because they tend to un-ply while I knit, but so far this is holding up nicely. I’ve just started a scarf for my husband with it, and the color gradation looks great.

Pop Merino:

Pop MerinoPop Merino

First impression: like the Merino Gradation, very soft! Nice colors, too. I think with the apparently long color repeats, this will be nice for entrelac.

Shine Merino:

Shine Merino

First impression: nice for accessories or other items that need a little sparkle. It’s hard to see in my photo, but if you look at Pierrot’s website, you can see that this yarn has a shiny strand plied together with the merino. I’m envisioning an elegant shawl or scarf made with this.

Soft Merino DK:

Soft Merino DK

First impression: holy smokes, this is soft!

Soft Merino Fingering:

Soft Merino Fingering

First impression: maybe my imagination, but just a smidgen less soft than the DK version. Still, it’s soft, and I’m in love with the coral pink color.

Marble Organic:

Marble Organic

First impression: smooth cotton with subtle variegated colors. It’ll probably be great for a baby gift for a friend.

Pastel Organic (which seems to be the solid-color version of Marble Organic):

Pastel Organic

First impression: like the Marble Organic, it’s smooth.

Fine Merino:

Fine Merino

First impression: Soft & smooth. Seems like a nice, general purpose merino.

Organic Cotton (DK, Fingering (4-ply), and Light Fingering (3-ply), respectively):

Organic Cotton DKOrganic Cotton FingeringOrganic Cotton Light Fingering

First impression: soft, smooth cotton. It’s natural-colored cotton, not bleached, and I think it’ll be great for baby or home items.

Sawayaka Cotton:

Sawayaka Cotton

First impression: Great colors! I have to admit this is stiffer cotton than I was expecting from the photos, but I don’t mean that as a negative. On the cone, it has a fairly hard twist, so I think this will be great for projects that need body, like purses or hats, rather than, say, cuddly baby clothes. Like most cottons, it’ll probably soften up upon washing, though. Can’t wait to review this one!

So, that’s the overview. Any questions? First up for the detailed yarn reviews will be ett, which I’ve just been using to make convertible mittens. Second up will be Merino Gradation, which I’ve just started using for a scarf. Should be rolling out the reviews in the next couple of days.


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