Pierrot Yarns sampler box has arrived!

Guess what arrived in the mail the other day? A box of lovely yarns courtesy Japanese yarn company Pierrot Yarns! (That’s their international storefront. The main Japanese one is here.) Yes, the same Pierrot Yarns that makes hundreds of free knitting and crochet patterns available online. I hinted about it over on Ravelry, but recently I was approached by Pierrot Yarns to review their yarns as they expand into the international market. They’ve generously given me a box of their yarns, and in exchange, I’ll be testing them and writing reviews in the coming weeks and months.

I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to do my reviews, but at the very least I’ll be swatching every yarn, knitting or crocheting something with it, and give my opinions on how it handles washing, blocking, etc. I hope to do both knit & crochet swatches for each yarn. Let me know if you have any particular requests for what you’d like to see in these reviews.

Beyond swatch-level stuff, I have definite patterns in mind for some of them. Others are just waiting to inspire me, like these cones of Sawayaka Cotton:

cones of Sawayaka Cotton

My photo doesn’t do the colors justice – in person, these five colors complement each other very well, with the middle one being a rich chocolate that just doesn’t cooperate with my camera. I’m thinking something of my own design with Tunisian crochet, but I’ll have to give it some thought.

Speaking of colors, Pierrot sent not just yarns, but also one of their color card books, which has samples of all colors of all yarns they make. Very handy indeed! The color cards come in a nice plastic-covered folder:

color card book

The pages inside list all the yarn lines meticulously, with every color named (something that’s not true of all color cards, unfortunately). I love it because it’s a great way to check the thickness and texture of yarns before ordering them all the way from Japan. If you were worried about color matching when ordering yarns online, this would be a good idea to have.

pages inside color card book

pages inside color card book

So, that’s what’s been going on here. I’m so excited to be working with Pierrot Yarns! I’ve been a fan of their free pattern site for a long time now, but I had never seen any of their yarns in person before now. So far, I’m quite impressed. Details on each yarn coming soon! I’m starting with ett, a 100% merino yarn, but more about that later…


5 thoughts on “Pierrot Yarns sampler box has arrived!

  1. you are such a lucky girl ! what a stash !!

    i have the cones sitting in my box, not knowing what project to do, maybe i can get some ideas from you.

    looking forward to see your finishes.

  2. WOW lovely parcel to get through the post…. and I’m glad I ordered my sample book… am loving their crochet yarns…

    Definitely would like to know your opinions on handling of yarns when working such as smooth, abbraisive etc how the yarn made up such as tightly plied, loose plied, plies easily seen and how the yarns wash…. along with details such as metreage, ball weight (I notice a lot of Japanese yarns are 40g), composition, recommended needle size & gauge

  3. I’m REALLY curious to see how the soft merino works up. It looks lovely (especially in cables–almost like handspun), and the colors are so appealing. You’re such a lucky blogger! :o)

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to address those kinds of things in my review.

    Annalea, the Soft Merino (both DK and fingering) is definitely soft. Not as soft as, say, Lorna’s Laces, but still soft. Feels smooth to the touch and doesn’t have itchy guard hairs or anything.

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