Lap blanket attempt

About two weeks ago, I started a lap blanket using a double-bed tuck pattern on my Passap Duomatic 80. Things were going along fairly well, and I love the texture created by the tuck pattern. This is what it looked like about halfway through (assuming a 36″ long lap blanket):

Nice, huh? It doesn’t curl, either, so it’s perfect for quick projects.

Anyway, it was going well until pushers moved and I didn’t notice it. On the right side of the front bed, pushers moved out of working position a few at a time, gradually forming a big messed up spot on the edge of the blanket. Curses!

Not sure if you can see it in the photo (sorry, my camera’s in its death throes), but there’s no saving it. I’m going to frog it and try again, this time watching the pushers after every row to make sure they don’t make a run for it.

5 thoughts on “Lap blanket attempt

  1. How frustrating for you! I am just getting interested in machine knitting and found your blog through Craftster. I really like the colour and design of this blanket so I hope you manage to make it work out right. I’m finding the whole terminology and world of machine knitting quite baffling at the moment but am keen to find out more as I’d like to be able to do more knitting, quicker and it seems like a good way to do that.

  2. Hi There….I don’t know if you can help me or not, but it is worth trying. My BF recently surprised me by purchasing a Passap Goldy manual knitting machine at a garage sale. It came with all it’s parts including a manual and cassette. I CANNOT for the life of me, figure out how to thread it correctly!! I have read and reread the manual but it is frustating to say the least. Does anyone know of any videos online or website I can visit.

    • Hello Sydney,
      I recently bought a Goldy for my daughter but the manual is missing. I wounder if you could copy the manual and send it to me. I will gladly pay what ever the charges are. Could you e-mail me at I am a machine knitter and I am sure we can figure out how to thread your machine.
      Dena Ingram

  3. If you can’t get the knots out, then sew it into a couple pillows then try again on the lap blanket. It would make a nice set.

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