Casquette (cabled newsboy cap)

Wow, I just found this draft sitting around in my blog dashboard. Oops! It’s been several months now since I finished Casquette (hat picture and pattern down on the 8th row of that page). It’s a free Japanese pattern from Clover Japan and quite easy to follow once you figure out the brim. The brim is knit as a big stockinette tube, and at first I couldn’t see how that shape would possibly yield the hat shape in the pattern photo. It’s only at the end when you sew the brim into place that it looks right.

I couldn’t take a good picture of myself wearing it (trust me, I tried), so I used the glass head. Very handy, that glass head.

Anyway, the knitting took only about two evenings to complete, but then I let it sit for months before sewing the brim in. I used a piece of flexible plastic from an office folder and it’s working nicely. I followed the pattern dutifully except that I left off the pompom shown in the pattern. Not a pompom type of woman, that’s all. Oh, and I added an extra pattern repeat to make it large enough to fit my huge noggin.

4 thoughts on “Casquette (cabled newsboy cap)

  1. I love this hat but don’t know how to get the pattern in English. Did you figure it out from the Japanese version, or am I missing something here.

  2. riggwelter: Thanks! Yes, the glass head does come in handy, especially when it’s so difficult to take a picture of yourself wearing a hat (no tripod).

    Norma: The hat pattern is only in Japanese. I do know Japanese, but it’s not absolutely necessary for the pattern because it’s charted out (like lace and Fair Isle patterns often are, for example). If you search for “Japanese knitting symbols” online, you should find lots of helpful articles on how to decipher Japanese knitting charts.

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