Recent crochet projects

My great-grandmother (hi, Momo!) taught me how to crochet when I was 5 or 6. I loved sitting right next to her watching her hands and then trying to copy it. Recently, though, I’ve had the knitting bug much more than the crochet bug, so I haven’t been crocheting all that often. Until about two weeks ago, that is! I’ve been especially interested in learning how to crochet from charts/diagrams, and with the plethora of cute Japanese patterns that use them, I’ve got a queue a mile long.

Here are the things I’ve crocheted the last two weeks or so:

pattern: Honobono Baby Shoes by Clover Japan
yarn: some unknown cashmere/ramie blend I got from unraveling a thrift shop sweater

pattern: Hana Hana Cotton Summer Bag by Pierrot
yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease, in slate blue and gray; I used one strand of each color held together

pattern: Pretty-colored Bag by Clover Japan (several patterns on that page – it’s the green bag)
yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease (the rest of the slate blue stuff)

Right now I’ve got this cute lace slouch hat (another Japanese crochet pattern) in progress, but it’s slow-going. Once I finish packing up my apartment, I should have a bit more time. Perhaps I’ll crochet this on the plane.

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