Finally some time for Passap tinkering

I didn’t mean to abandon my blog, but I’ve been really busy with grad school. The past few months, I’ve barely had time to knit or crochet, much less try to learn how to use my Passap Duomatic 80. This past week, though, I’ve been playing around with it (when I should be packing up my apartment!).

Thanks to lots of encouragement and advice from folks who’ve posted here on my blog and over at Ravelry, I’ve had some success with the machine. Thanks, everyone!

Here’s my first finished product, a scarf that I knit for a charity drive (organized by the Knitters for Obama group on Ravelry; to be donated to homeless veterans charities). I used four skeins of Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the Denim Stripes colorway, purchased for $1.50 per skein at Big Lots.

It’s a simple fisherman’s rib scarf (lock settings EX/EX), done over 40 needles and for about 1300 rows. I love this machine now! Still can’t get the pushers to move, but I suspect that’s because a deep cleaning is in order.

A day or two before that, I sat down with my clunky old Corona machine to whip up a shopping bag:

This was done with less than half a cone of kitchen cotton and Eileen Montgomery’s Drop Stitch Mesh Bag pattern. Because the pattern is for a mid-gauge machine and my Corona is bulky (8mm, actually), I knit a few more rows. I think that was a mistake, because now it’s enormous! Oh well. I’ll likely use it as a laundry bag or a carry all for bigger items I might have to tote around.

Now I’m eager to play around more with my Passap, but I’m in the midst of moving and have to pack it up very soon. Figures! I look forward to learning more about it later on.

2 thoughts on “Finally some time for Passap tinkering

  1. The scarf and bag looks great. I just have a Bond sweater machine but when I see what other machines can do, I think about buying a better machine. The cost factor keeps me from it though. :(

  2. Thanks, Rhonda!

    The trick is to stumble across bargains, especially at thrift shops and garage sales. Unfortunately, that means you have to be patient and rely on someone donating or selling cheaply. I got my first knitting machine (Brother KH-860) at a garage sale for $100, which is about what a Bond would’ve cost me.

    A couple of years ago, my dad was at a thrift shop and found a huge stack of knitting machines and parts. It was from the local knitting machine shop, which the owners had closed due to old age and infirmity. Apparently none of it was selling, so the thrift shop marked the entire pallet of stuff $100, and my dad used his senior discount to get it for $50. Go Dad! :) That’s how I got my Corona 8mm machine, and a bazillion other parts.

    Last summer, I found a Studio 360 at a thrift shop for something like $6, and I got two incomplete Passaps for $10 (one is the needle bed of a Passap Pinky, the other is a Speed-O-Knit). They’re not complete machines, but for $10 I couldn’t say no! There’s always the hope of finding enough spare parts for a whole machine or just using them for spare parts down the road. Then in the fall, I saw a Passap Duomatic 80 on Craigslist and ended up buying it.

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