Baby wrap sweater

In January, I started a wrap sweater for my soon-to-be-born nephew, but never seamed it up. This past weekend, I did all the seams and wove in all the ends. Looks like it needs to be re-blocked, though:

Even though I already blocked all the pieces, they’re curling like nobody’s business. (Maybe because I left them untouched in a bag for nearly two months? Nah…)

  • pattern: Crossover Top by Glenda Overmann
  • size: 3 months
  • yarn: Regia 4-ply Color, “Rainbow”
  • machine: Brother KH-860

The only things left to do are to put on some kind of border and make some ties. Crab stitch crochet around all the edges? Garter stitch? Not decided yet, but I think the ties will just be i-cord. Gotta finish it soon, though, or the kid won’t get it on time!

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