I keep forgetting to post a picture of my completed Tawashi (タワシ), the Japanese crochet pattern I mentioned in my last post. (Tawashi just means “scrub brush” or “scrubber” in Japanese.)

The pattern calls for some Japanese antibacterial acrylic yarn, but I’m planning on using this as a face scrubber in the shower, so I just used cotton.

I just used some Peaches’n Cream cotton from my stash and a 5.5mm Tunisian crochet hook. It’s a bit bigger than the hook called for in the pattern, but for some reason I can’t find my crochet hooks anywhere. They’re hiding from me! The only one I could find was the Tunisian crochet hook, but it turned out ok despite being bigger than called for.

It’s quick and easy, but a bit small. So after finishing, I cast on immediately with more stitches and made a bigger one. Great, quick project for skeins leftover from other projects.

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