Monday evening surge

The Mikey cap is finished! I sewed the seams yesterday afternoon, and today I picked up the stitches for the brim. The brim was a quick knit, and then I just had to find a suitably stiff yet bendy piece of plastic to use for the brim insert. Since there’s null chance of the recipient (my dad) finding this blog, here’s a picture of the finished hat:

The pattern calls for elastic around the inside, but I’m going to hold off on that. My dad has a very big, very round head, so the elastic might not be necessary. I’ve decided to give this to him for Christmas, and we’ll see if it’s too big. If it is, I can easily add the elastic after he’s tried it on.

After that, instead of finishing the lap blanket I started for my friend, I had a hankering for some cute crochet projects on my to-do list. So I grabbed some kitchen cotton from my stash and started Tawashi (タワシ), a cute scrubbie pattern. Does look like much now, does it?

But when I’m done crocheting the piece, it’s supposed to transform into a neat shape via some clever seaming. It works up really quickly, but I should probably get some sleep instead of staying up to finish it.

2 thoughts on “Monday evening surge

  1. Thanks! Since it’s a Christmas present, I won’t have a good picture of it on an actual head until next week. I could take a picture of it on my head, but it’s too big (my dad has a huge head!) so it’ll just look funny.

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