More machine-knitting myths

Forgive me for ranting, especially since I’ve talked about machine-knitting myths before, but I can’t help myself. Myths about machines are so pervasive over on Ravelry, for example, that I wonder where on earth people are getting their firmly-held (negative) beliefs about what machines can and can’t do.

Responses to misconceptions about machines:

  • for the billionth time, YES, knitting machines can do more than stockinette stitch
    • if you had a Bond Incredible Sweater Machine or whatnot and you could only do stockinette, that doesn’t mean that all machines are limited in that way. Also, even the simplest type of knitting machine can do more than just stockinette by manipulating stitches in various ways.
  • it’s completely false that you can’t fix mistakes in your knitting when you use a machine. Why would you even think that? There are numerous ways to do it, too, just like with hand-knitting. You can rip back row-by-row (with or without a lifeline), you can fix stitches as they sit on the needles, or you can drop stitches and work them back up. That’s right, just like hand-knitting. Why? Because whether you use two needles or 400, it’s still knitted fabric.
  • The fabric produced by knitting machines is NOT inherently different from the fabric produced by hand-knitting? Really. You might have used more needles to make it, but it’s just knitted fabric like any other (a series of interlocking loops, etc.).

It’s no skin off my back if people don’t like using knitting machines, but if they treat machine knitters with contempt because of incorrect information, that’s just silly. Get the facts, please.


10 thoughts on “More machine-knitting myths

  1. It annoys me when people say that machine knitting is cheating as if their way of knitting is the only way it should be done. What does it matter as long as you’re getting the results that you’re looking for?

  2. Love your post! ;-)
    I wrote something similar in my blog months ago. The German knittingscene is talking the same about MK. Snotty comments about it from people who don’t even know anything about knittingmachines.
    I can do both – knitting on a machine AND handknitting. Who of the ignorant people can?


  3. Hello, I found your site by a google search. (I am no computer person, but I keep trying!)

    I have inherited a Corona Model CH 1500, called the Genie. It has all the various parts and also a ribber and a weaving attachment. I have the manuals also.

    Do you know anything about this machine? Could you direct me to a site or something? I have been told that these old machines always need a tune up and something called a sponge pad something or other. As you can see I know less than nothing about knitting machines.

    I do know that other than being a little dirty from being unused for a few years it appears to be a useful item.

    I am thinking that I could find someone who could use this, and have thought of listing it on ebay or something. I asked my kids and grandkids if they wanted it and they all said no.

    My aunt who owned this made many beautiful hats on it, that I do remember.

    Thanks for your time,

    Ann Harper
    Abbot, Maine

  4. Hey Ann!! I have an old Corona CH 1500 that I purchased on ebay. Do you still have it? I am sorely in need of manuals for it. Would it be possible for you to photocopy them for me .. I’d be glad to pay of course. You’ll probably have a hard time selling it on ebay because the shipping is so prohibitive. I’d buy it for parts if we could agree on a price including shipping …. but I can’t drive to Maine to pick it up :)


    Brent in KY

  5. The manuals are almost certainly still covered by copyright, and if so it would be illegal to copy them. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use my blog to arrange illegal activity. :)

  6. Thank you for this post! Gosh, I have the same issue with ignorance about machine knitting. I just don’t understand why some people just don’t get it, each has it’s place.
    And frankly, while I love looking at hand-knitting and admire it so much, I can’t hand knit for all the stars in the universe!!! So my option is machine knitting, given our busy modern lives, machines are fantastic, quick, easy to use and so many stitch patterns etc.

    The same people will happily wear clothes sewn on sewing machines! Makes no sense!

    All I can say is hoorah for machines!

  7. Ann Harper, if you’d like to find a good home for your machine, I would love to have it. A drive to Maine might be nice this time of year.

    You can email me at yahoo.

  8. Hi, Found you looking for instructional Manuals & Knitting Machines. Always good to locate a site like this one. I have a question? Do you know anything about a Brother KH-581 Knitting Machine? I am looking for instructional Manual for mine. I have knitted by hand for 35 years but health problems make it difficult to knit much so I prchased a used machine that I would love to learn it & know exactly how it works and if it is complete. Also I wonder if it could be interchangeable with any other Models. Thanks for your Time.

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