Mikey cap nearly finished

The Mikey cap I’m making for my dad is nearly finished. The knitting part is all done except for the brim, which I can’t do until the rest of it is sewn together. It’s been sitting on my desk for a couple of days now because I’m not in the mood to sew it up. Something about sewing this rough tweedy material doesn’t appeal, but I’m determined to get it done! I just pinned the two pieces together and I’ll start sewing it up this afternoon. It’s definitely going to need a lining since I can barely stand to touch it long enough to seam it.

Here it is pinned to within an inch of its life (if hats had lives, that is):

Since coming home, I also returned to a cape that I was knitting for a wheelchair-bound friend who gets cold easily.

I was using Knitting Fiend’s cape generator to make it on my Brother KH-860 with some sparkly blue yarn. When I got about halfway through it, I decided that I didn’t like how it was turning out. It’s a great pattern, but I guess I just don’t like stockinette that runs sideways. So I’ve frogged that and I’ll make something else for my friend.

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