Tapped the Scotch ale

Opened up my first bottle of the Scotch ale I brewed in October, only to find my first-ever spoiled beer. No bottle bombs, but the bottle I opened had a thick plug of mold and other gunk on top. Ew! (Also no carbonation at all.) With regret, I poured it down the drain, but while washing the bottle, I noticed the glass had a chip in it near the lip. I’m guessing that’s the cause of the contamination.

Opened another bottle, this time a success. Still needs to age a bit in the bottle, ’cause it’s pretty green tasting, but not spoiled like the first bottle. Hope it was just that one bottle!

(Yeah, I know that I didn’t technically tap the ale, since it’s not kegged. It just sounds better that way.)

One thought on “Tapped the Scotch ale

  1. I saw on your earlier post that you made mead. While I haven’t ever tried to make it myself, I do raise honeybees, and I can suggest you let that stuff age as long as possible. No less than a year if you want it to be at all palatable. For a long time I thought I hated the stuff, but after having tried several batches that were more than a couple years old I’m a big convert. Cheers!

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