Recent knitting

It was never my intention to neglect my blog, but I’ve been doing it anyway. Oops! It’s just been a hectic semester, one which is now coming to a close.

Other than work, what have I been doing? Well, I’ve been knitting on my Soy Cardi when I get a chance (which isn’t that often). I’m about where I can bind off the bottom hem and finish up the sleeves, but first I have to make up my mind on how long I want it to be. The good news is that after changing needle size, there’s no noticeable line. I can’t even tell where I changed needle size, and it’s my own knitting.

Let’s see… over Thanksgiving weekend, I dug my neglected Isabeau tote out of storage and finished it. Blocked it, – which didn’t do much, seeing as it’s cotton – crocheted the seams, knit the handle, wove in all the ends. Never meant to leave it unfinished for so long, but it just sort of happened. So glad it’s finished now.

What else? Hm… oh, I’ve also gotten back to work on my TKGA hand knitting level 1 materials, too. I knit up the hat that’s now required (my older version of the instructions didn’t call for it), and I’m working on the written portions. Having a bit of trouble there just because tracking down appropriate written knitting sources is evading me.

(Note to self: Flickr’s style of posting in blogs is really visually unappealing. Use something else next time!)

Even though I’d love to be tinkering with my knitting machines, I really haven’t had time lately. I hope I can get some machine knitting in over Christmas vacation. I did put some recent new patterns (not mine) up on Machine Knitter’s Treasure Chest today, though. If you haven’t seen Bente’s lovely North Sea cardigan, for example, go check it out – it’s beautiful!

The hat that I was making for my dad is currently sitting on hold, because I ran out of yarn. Soon I’ll be going home for Christmas, though, so I’ll get the rest of that yarn out of stash and finish it up. Might be just in time for a Christmas present, actually!


2 thoughts on “Recent knitting

  1. My TKGA level 1 is on hold. I worked and worked at the swatches and always got frustrated. I’ll have to try again. I even knitted up the hat. Mine is blue and white.

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