Tea cosy

Since the Soy Cardi is now getting bigger and it’s getting harder to cram it into my backpack when I bike to campus, I wanted a small project to work on. Grabbed a ball of Paton’s SWS from my stash and cast on for Knitty’s Kureyon Kozy a couple of days ago.

Knitting this, I realized two things: I really don’t like Paton’s SWS and the sizing of the tea cosy in the pattern sucks. When SWS first came out, I got a few skeins on sale because I was smitten with the colors. Both times I’ve knit with it so far, though, I’ve been unimpressed with it. It’s too fuzzy for my liking. Don’t know why I bought it just for the colors! I know I hate single-ply yarns because they’re usually too fuzzy and don’t hold their shape well. Never again! I like yarns with at least two plies so they have some strength and don’t pill up just looking at them.

The other thing is that the Kureyon Kozy pattern doesn’t have very good sizing. My teapot holds 4 cups, so I knit the 4-6 cup version (small). Doesn’t fit well at all! It doesn’t even cover the sides of the pot and it’s too short. This is probably because my teapot is rather short with a large diameter. I’d like to see tea cosy patterns that size for the actual (general) shape of the pot and not how much tea it holds, because they don’t always correlate well. Oh well. I’ll just knit another cosy with some other pattern and yarn.

Soy Cardi update: put it on waste yarn to try it on, and I still have a ways to go before it’ll meet under the arms. Took me quite a while to put it back on the needles. I started out with US7, but on this last round I switched to US8. I know, I know: never change needles in the middle of the project. I’m just going to see how it does, though. I can always rip back to where I changed needles and resume with the 7s.

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