Scotch ale and mead

It’s been a while since I brewed anything, mostly because of the weather and my schedule. My roommates and I can’t afford to keep the AC in fermentation-friendly ranges when it’s 100 F outside, so I have to wait until the temperatures outside are more favorable. One day I’ll have a temperature-controlled fermentation locker, but until then, I just wait. Can’t really brew in the spring and summer, either, because I tend to be busy with fieldwork. Plus, it takes me forever to drink a 5-gallon batch, so it’s not really a problem if I can’t brew often.

Anyway, the temperatures here in Houston are low enough now that we can keep the apartment cool without paying through the nose for AC. Time to brew! Saturday I brewed a partial mash Scotch ale, and yesterday a friend and I put up a batch of mead. Here they are:

This my first attempt at mead. It’s a non-boil mead with 13 lbs. of honey and dry yeast. No visible fermentation yet, but I can smell the yeast through the airlock so I’m assuming it’s just a lag. If it doesn’t start bubbling within 2-3 days, then I’ll worry. The Scotch ale is vigorously fermenting, on the other hand, so all is definitely well.

Oh, and I was teaching a friend to (hand) knit while brewing the Scotch ale. First we went to buy supplies, though, and I got some laceweight Skacel merino wool to test out on my Passap. The knitting lessons went well, and I expect he’ll soon be making complicated projects. Right now it’s a Dr. Who scarf – long project for a beginner, but he insisted. No arguments from me!


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