My Ravelry invitation came yesterday, so I’m giving it a whirl. So far, I’ve found it pretty useful for organization and keeping track of patterns I’d like to knit. I had a system before – keeping PDFs of patterns on my computer, or a spreadsheet list for patterns not available online – but the Ravelry system is pretty handy.  The site is very much biased to hand knitters – in fact, there’s no place in pattern specs for machine gauge, for example, only for hand knitting needle size. It’s not surprising, but I hope it’ll change. Although machine knitters seem to blog a lot less than hand knitters, there are a LOT of us (a look at any machine knitting listserve, with thousands of members, shows this). The machine knitting group on Ravelry is really helpful and friendly so far, though, so I’m looking forward to participating. I’ve also joined a bunch of other groups.

Oh, and I finished the Malagaiter I was knitting for my friend one day before she left for England. She loves it and says it’s keeping her from freezing to death in York. Here’s the proud new owner modeling the hat (with drunk face poorly edited out by yours truly):

It was a huge hit at her bon voyage party, and several people hinted **coughcoughcough** that they’d like me to knit for them, too. Might take ’em up on it, too, but first I have to finish Soy Cardi for myself.


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