Malagaiter progress and the ‘new’ machine

This is the used Passap Duomatic I got yesterday:

I managed to get it set up on the stand and that’s about all I’ve had time for so far. In the picture, the needle bed looks rusty, but it’s just dirt. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it a deep cleaning before I use it (which makes your comment about posting a deep cleaning tutorial soon very timely, Kathryn – looking forward to it!).

Judging from the manual, I best forget what I know about knitting on a machine and start from scratch with this. Nothing is the same! It’s a bit overwhelming, actually, but then, I’ve always loved a challenge.

Before I can spend a lot of time getting to know this machine, though, I need to finish Malagaiter for my friend. She’s leaving in about a week, so I’ve got to hurry. Last night this was about half an inch long, and now it’s about six.

I’m getting faster with the brioche stitch, but I still think it’s pretty clumsy to bring the yarn forward so often (the stitch pattern is ‘bring yarn forward, slip 1 purlwise, YO, k2tog’). I really hate switching back and forth with the yarn in front or back between every two stitches. Oh well, at least it’s going to an appreciative person, and I get to work with some deliciously soft yarn.


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