Passap Duomatic 80

I’m now the proud owner of Passap Duomatic 80! (Well, a complete one, that is. The spare needle bed I got this summer hardly counts since it’s missing too many parts to work.) Plus, the seller threw in lots of extras, an entire box of machine knitting books, and yarn, too, so I had quite a carload. Even a cone of Denys Brunton Magicolor – what a find! Besides the machine, with all its transfer tools and such, there’s a color changer, a Forma, a transfer carriage, and a punchcard device. I guess the Forma is to Passap what a knitleader is to a Brother? Obviously I’m going to have to find the manual and start from page one.

Unfortunately, I broke the shutter release button off my camera while traveling this summer, and I still haven’t fixed it. So no pictures yet. Maybe if I can jerryrig a new button tomorrow I’ll take a picture of the new beast.

I’m sure it’ll be years before I’m able to do beautiful work like Knittsings – have you seen her latest reversible cable pattern? – but I’m very eager to get started. (There’s another reversible cable pattern here.) All the machines I’ve tried before this are Japanese machines, so the Passap method is completely alien to me. A challenge, but alien just the same.


25 thoughts on “Passap Duomatic 80

  1. Congratulations on finding a Duo 80. You will love it! Don’t be so hard on the partial Passap you found earlier. Even if it is an older Pinkie Passap, the needles, plastic plates, metal needle channels, and rulers are totally interchangeable with the green Duo 80. My best source of Passap parts has been a spare machine my husband rescued from a thrift store. That spare machine can also be your trainer maintanence machine for experimenting on how to take a Passap apart, clean it, and put it back together. Once I can get a bunch of pictures organized, I’ll have a blog entry dedicated to how to strip a Passap down to its last pusher and needle.

    You are right about the Form computer being equilvalent to a Brother knitleader. I’ve never used one so don’t have much to offer on it. The Passap book I used first to get me going was the yellow and green spiral Duo 80 book. The book is thin so it isn’t overwhelming. Try the beginner strip of patterns to get yourself started. If you didn’t get this book, I’ve frequently seen it on ebay for under $10.

  2. If you can knit on a Passap-machine – you can knit on all machines. It’s a bit tough to learn, but the Passap is also the only “industrial-like” homeknitting machine on the market.
    I have the red one – but she’s resting right now… Enjoy passap-knitting and don’t loose the manual!

  3. Hi! Elin, for all things Passap purchase Machine Knitting Magazine. Anne Baker will tell you all you need to know, including the Duo 80 problems.I was in the same place as you( had the machine, didn’t know where to start) Bingo!!!!!! found the above mag and all was

  4. I don’t remember exactly, but I think a good tug should do the trick. I seem to recall when putting it together that I just had to push it in, so the reverse should be that you just tug it out. Good luck!

  5. Needed intstructior on using Passap Duomatic 80. Prefer to see how to use it to reading the manuel, which, any way, I don’t have. Have an experience on machine knitting. Live in Brooklyn, NY. Help, please.

  6. I’ve always appreciated your encouragement for my site. Now that I have a permanent web home again, I’d be honored if you would update my links to the reversible cable patterns you mentioned in this post as well as my address being in your blogroll list (your blogroll still has me at the old iweb address)

    I’m not sure which of my reversible cable posts the above link originally referred to. Here are the new links:

    • Hello dancing barefoot, I have a passap duomatic 80 that belonged to my mother. I have everything for this machine but, I would like to sell it –any ideas? My mother was a wonderful knitter and produced some amazing things on this machine.


  7. Hi, I’m happy to found this site. It’s hard to tell since when I have my PASSAP D-80, all I can say is that was “love to first sight”, you know and was able to do some sweaters and even a ladys princes cut slac.
    but an accident ocurrs and some parts of my PASSAP burned ( the green slidding thing) and it”s been stored for years. and now that I want to refurbish to make it work I just can find a dealer in southern california, I’m from B.C., mex. and have the hope you might helpme to directme to find the part I need.
    TANKYOU for your time and help…..Gilberto

  8. [Ad removed. My blog is a not the classifieds section! If you want to sell your stuff, do it on eBay or one of the many machine knitting sales venues.]

  9. hallo
    i’ve got a passap duomatic 80 but i’ve lost the manual and i’m looking for it i’m from italy and i do not know how to find it!!! someone knows how to get a manual???? thanks for your help

  10. I have a passap and I am trying to wrestle this thing . I think I am gaining ground. I get further , I have casted on successfully but havent so well this time. i just want to do stockinette stitch but i want to use real fine stainless steel yarn by Habu. Has anyone done that?

  11. i just purchased a deco for a passap on ebay. the only thing i recd was the card reader and a small attachment. where can i find the other parts that are listed in the booK.
    thank you

  12. Hi everyone i have duomatic 80. i’m having trouble with getting the machine to casted on, every time i try the needles gets tanagled up in the yarn and how dose the puchcard thing hood to the machine. thans for everyones help

  13. I have a duomatic 80 and can’t get it to cast on without the second and third row getting stuck on the needles. I am getting frustrated and really want to get using it soon.

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