Like a hole in the head

I need another knitting machine like I need a hole in the head, probably, but that’s not stopping me! I’ve got the opportunity to buy a Passap Duomatic 80, and I’m taking it! With any luck, I’ll have it by this weekend and I can tinker around with it.

I got a Passap for $10 this summer (or was it $15?), but it’s just the needle beds, so it needs a lot of work. This one I’m going to buy, though, is a fully functional machine. I’m so excited! I’ve heard wonderful things about Passap machines, and it’ll be nice to have a standard-gauge machine here where I go to grad school (my other is at home at my parents’ house, thousands of miles away).

Also, a friend asked me to knit Malagaiter for her (the brioche version) and I just couldn’t say no. Have to rush, too, because she’s leaving to spend a year abroad in just two weeks. Better knit fast! (This is a hand knitting project, and I’m slow when it comes to knitting the brioche stitch.) The friend bought a hank of Berocco Ultra Alpaca (50% alpaca, 50% wool) and I cast on for it last night. This yarn is so soft!


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