Challenge: punchcard 3J and an update

It’s August, and that means it’s once again time for me to move. Yes, my graduate student funding isn’t enough to keep an apartment over the summer, especially when I’ve been off in the boonies doing fieldwork. So I’ve been MIA while apartment hunting and moving, neglecting this poor blog and my knitting, too.

Now I’m mostly settled into the new place. My Brother KH-860 punchcard machine, which I adore ever so much, is now thousands of miles away at my parents’ house, waiting until I return next summer to use it again. Before I left, I knit up several more boatneck baby sweaters for the humanitarian relief charity, but I haven’t got any photos of those (sorry!). I also tried out punchcard 3J in tuck and slip stitch – again, no photos – so I feel like the challenge I set for myself was a success. I learned what many of my machine’s punchcards can do, and next time I have the chance to use that machine, I’ll learn the rest.

The only machine I’ve got available now is my Corona CN9, which just can’t do the fancy patterning like the punchcard machine can. Oh well – it’s a challenge, right? I don’t know when I’ll have time to unpack it, but I’m once again determined to learn more hand-manipulation techniques for this curious machine. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have trouble doing lace on this pattern-device-less machine because the sinkers get in the way. Help! Any suggestions appreciated.

In hand knitting news, I just cast on for the Soy Cardi in a nice taupe cotton. Figured it was high time I made something wearable for myself, and why not something I can wear in my overly air-conditioned office?


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