Challenge: punchcard 5J

Here’s another boatneck baby sweater done in two-color slip stitch with punchcard 5J. The parts for it, anyway – I still need to seam it together.

The orange is the 1/2 skein of Patons Kroy in light orange leftover from the orang and brown baby sweater, and the blue is approx. 1.5 skeins of Trekking. I love this stitch pattern!


4 thoughts on “Challenge: punchcard 5J

  1. はじめまして、リンク尋ねてまいりました

    knit bee サイト本人です
    Machine 手がけておられるとは、頼もしい仲間です
    lib Machine set みて嬉しくて書き込みました


    I began it and asked a link

    It is the knit bee site person himself
    I watched lib Machine set which was a reliable friend and wrote in it for joy that it was dealt with Machine

    English is not possible, and I’m sorry

  2. はじめまして、リンダと申します。knit beeさんの編み物はすごいですね。本当にすてきです!

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