Corona knitting machines

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I have an old Corona knitting machine (model CN9). I’ve met a few other machine knitters who have Corona machines, but no one seems to know very much about them. Since I ran across a little tidbit about Corona on Corona’s website, I thought I’d post a translation here for those who don’t speak Japanese. (Japanese text from Corona website; English translation my own)


Knitting machines


“[Corona] began manufacturing home-use knitting machines in Showa 28 [AD 1953]. That was the year Stalin died, the Korean War armistice was signed, and Khrushchev became premier of the Soviet Union. In Japan, it was the period when the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) began and the Diet was dissolved with Prime Minister Shigei Yoshida’s cry of ‘Bastards!'”


“In Showa 22 [AD 1947], our newly born company thought to make merchandise in demand at the time. Eight years after losing the war [WWII], it was a time when the food situation had settled down a little. Although [people were] very dissatisfied with the basic necessities of life, in the midst of that, we [at Corona] paid attention to clothing.”

女性はおしゃれです。習い事に長じています。おしゃれな衣服が欲しいが、戦後の物資不足のため手軽に求められない、そんなとき使いやすくて高性能な編み 機があれば、女性はすてきな衣服を作れます。おしゃれな装いにあこがれる女性の願いを叶えたのが「コロナ編機」でした。

“Women were fashion conscious. They were accomplished in practice [NOTE: Not sure I’ve translated this sentence correctly – I don’t recognize the idiom]. They wanted fashionable clothes, but because of the postwar shortage of goods/materials [inexpensive fashionable clothes] weren’t available. At that time if there were easy to use, highly efficient knitting machines, women could make stylish clothes. Granting women’s desire to dress in smart outfits was the Corona knitting machine.”

So it doesn’t actually say much about the machines themselves, just the social situation behind Corona’s decision to manufacture knitting machines. Still more than I knew about Corona than before!


61 thoughts on “Corona knitting machines

  1. Today a friend of mine brought over her Corona CN 9N knitting machine so that I could teach her how to use it. Even though I am a longtime machine knitter (Brother and KnitKing) I never saw the moveable gate peg set up that this machine has. There is a little something wrong with the machine that I am sure I could correct if we had the manual. Do you have a copy, can you make a copy, e-mail it or tell me where to find one?

    Thank you in advance for whatever you can do to help.

  2. Hi Dale,

    I actually do have the manual, but I just moved and the Corona is still packed up. When I get the chance, I’ll dig out the manual and see what I can do to help. What part is it that you suspect is broken?

  3. I just found a corona CN9, does this machine to intarsia? I would greatly appreciate a manual copy as well. I would be happy to reimburse for any expense. Can’t wait to get this machine, thank you, Jess

  4. Hi, I just found a never used new Corona CHJ-3 knitting machine at a thrift store. Do you know anything about this model? I have all the parts (still in bags) and the directions but am clueless about knitting machines.
    Dale C

  5. Hi Dale,

    Sorry, I’m afraid I’ve never seen that particular model. If you have the manual, though, you should be able to work through it. Good luck!

  6. Sorry, Jess, I just realized that I’d never answered your question. I’m currently visiting my parents, so I’m not in the same state as my Corona machine. But if you still don’t have a manual, I can probably help you out when I get back.

    I’ve never tried intarsia on mine, but I imagine it can be done. There’s no intarsia carriage, but I think it could be done entirely by hand.

  7. I, also, am looking for a manual. I bought a used CN9 for my daughter who wants to start machine knitting, and the carriage and case were damaged in shipment, but not to the point where it will not work.

    The gate pegs are so different from my Brother/Knitking models, that I am not sure how to proceed.

    I would be happy to cover the cost of getting a copy.

    Would it be legal/feasible to scan the pages and post it online? There certainly seems to be a real need.

    Thank you!

  8. I was Op-Shopping recently…I’m Australian, so I think you might call them junk shops, thrift stores…anyway a charitable shop that sells donations of clothes and furniture and stuff. Anyway I found a Corona CH-1000 knitting machine for $20!!. Do you know much about this model, like how old mine might be?

    I works great and I’m looking forward to making a jumper on it soon, especially with the pattern cards that it cam with.

  9. Hi,

    I got a corona cn-n9 knitting machine from a friends nan. Unfortunately the manual was not included and we would love to try it out, would it be possible for you to e-mail us that manual you have? It would be highly appreciated.

    kind regards


  10. Hi Elisabeth,

    I can’t copy the manual for you, because it’s copyrighted material, but if I can help by explaining how to set it up or something, I’d be happy to do so.

  11. A friend has given me Corona Genie Model CH-1800. Have you ever heard of this model? If so, can you tell me a bit about it. Many Thanks

      • It has been many years since I used a CH 1800 but I remember it being a very well engineered machine. It does not use a sponge bar – it has thick felt to support the needles (which also deadens the sound of the passing carriage). The CH1500 and 1800 (also known as the Passap F200) are the same except for the number of stitches per pattern repeat via the cards. The 1500 has a 12 stitch pattern repeat and I think the 1800 has an 18 stitch pattern repeat. If you can also get all the accessories for this – you’ll have a very capable machine. If you don’t have the manual? I have a copy up on my photobucket account which can be downloaded freely (Sadly, only one page at a time). The link is:

        Enjoy – Terri :-)

  12. Hi,
    I just got my Corona CN-9N out of storage (about 20 years),
    and find that the plastic on the latch brushes are broken and the brushes have all fallen out. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement for them???
    I really would appreciate it.
    Thanks, Char

  13. Hi dancingbarefoot,
    Firstly, well done for having such a great site on machine kniting & facts about the Corona Knitting Machine. I have just aquired a Corona CH1500. Ironically, I found it unopened in its original box, in a thrift shop. I’d say its about 40 years old, so I felt like I was unpacking the 60’s literally, what a great feeling!
    I also study Textile Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technlogy, and as I am currently learing machine knitting I will be spending alot of time getting to know how the Corona works, so your tips will be very useful!

    I also tried to find info on Corona, and am still researching..I will post any info I find here, also how I go with my ‘new’ Corona.
    Happy (machine) knitting!! from Aus.

  14. we have a corona made for genie ch1800 knittin machine and was wondering if it was worth anything it was purchased new back in the early 70’s still in box and manuals included

  15. Diana: What a find! Let us know if you find anything more about Corona machines.

    Linda: Sorry, I have no idea what it’s worth. You might ask on a knitting machine listserve or Ravelry.

  16. Hi – I have just stumbled upon this website after googling ‘Corona knitting machine’.

    I am awaiting the arrival of a CH1500 Genie which comes with manual, so if anyone using this blog needs a copy – email me at and I will endeavour to get that scanned, as soon as possible after it arrives.

  17. Hi,
    Recently I got my mother’s old Corona CHJ-3 knitting machine. Unfortunately the user manual is missing and my mother past away some time ago. I have been searching on the web for information about this knitting machine, so far without any results. If anyone should happen to have a manual I would be very glad to receive a scanned copy at john ingar@gmail com (skipped the dots in my e-mail address)

  18. I have just been given a Corona Ch 800. The owner was an elderly Japanese Lady who passed on. Her children found 3 knitting machines including the Corona ch 800. Unfortunately the box was in Japanese and there were no manuals, instructions or anything any the box. I would love to know if there was a manual out there for it I could get. I am a novice ready to begin machine knitting.

  19. I was just given my aunt’s Corona knitting machine–without manual, of course. It’s not obvious what the model number is, but since the model numbers that you all are talking about start with “CH,” I guess it is a CH 1800.

    I have only ever used a Bond, so I really can’t figure it out the machine on my own. I would be happy to pay Linda for a copy of the manual. I’m not up on copyright law. If a product is no longer being manufactured, is its manual still covered by copyright law? If it is, does that mean that all of us without them are up a creek unless we can find the owner of the copyright? It’s hard enough to find a manual at all, let alone the owner of the copyright!

  20. I found a manual for a CN9 that I bought a year or so ago, from a company that had reproduced them on CD. They had a number of manuals for different models.

    Maybe someone else here knows the source.

  21. Hi, I have a CH-1500 which comes with at least 50 pattern cards. Can these pattern cards be used on the CORNOA GENIE MODEL CN-9? Thanks!

    • No, I’m afraid not. The C9-N doesn’t have a punchcard mechanism (or patterning mechanism of any kind). It’s strictly a hand-manipulation type of machine.

  22. Hi, I have some questions about CN9. Since it doesn’t have a pattern mechanism, I have to do hand manipulation? Do you know of any bulky Corona that has pattern mechanism? I also have some questions for Passap Speed-O-Knit. Does it have pattern mechanism? What is the difference between Speed-O-Knit & M201? Is it a double bed? Which is better, Speed-O-Knit or D80? I have 2 very young girls so I prefer the machine to have pattern mechanism. Thanks for your time!

  23. I received a Corona CN-9N knitting machine today without a manual and have no idea how to get started using it. I was hoping someone might be able to help me or lead me to a good source of information. I did do a Google search but this is the only page I could find.

    I have never used a knitting machine before so I don’t know where to even start. I have done a little hand knitting but I don’t know if that will help getting started with a machine.

    Thanks for your help.

  24. I recently acquired a Brother KH 210. This is a bulky 9mm knitting machine with a 100 needle bed. I have been told that this is just like the Corona CN-9N. If this is the case, then for anyone with this machine please know that there is indeed a sponge bar underneath the bed of the machine as well as the metal rod. I had to unscrew the four visible screws on the top of the needle bed and the screws on the bottom of the case to remove the metal needle bed.

    The sponge bar had become brittle and crumbled causing the needles to float out of place when trying to knit. I removed the sponge bar, and replaced it, this made a big difference and now this little machine is working perfectly.

    This machine does intarsia, the mechanics are built into the carriage. It also does plating. If this KH 210 is the same as the Corona, and it looks the same to me, then the manual for the Brother KH 210 is on the internet and is free to download from a few sources. I found it by searching the title Brother Knitting Machine -KH 210

    Here is a tip, use claw weights on the edges of the knitting or even better, hang a cast-on-comb after the knitting has cleared the sinkers a few rows down, and then hang the weights. If you need more weights and don’t have them, just hunt up some old forks from your kitchen , and using pliers, bend the prongs down and the handle up to create your own claw weights, you can even hang fishing weights on the forks for more weight.

    Happy knitting

  25. Hi, I have the same question as sharon, just acquired a Corona Genie “The Magic Knitting Machine” CH 1800 does anyone have any info about this machine, when it was made, value, ect. It looks to be in great condition. I couldnt know for sure though. Thank You

  26. hi all together ….

    i have got a corona genie!
    I have been looking a long, long time for an manuel.

    Now I find out it is the same machine than the

    Victoria CH-1500

    My manuel is in german!

    May be that will help to look for this modell.

    Much luck
    *** Vera ***

  27. Youtube is full of teaching videos about kinitting with machines, but there is no Corona videos at all. If you do have the Corona ch-1800 machine, please add a video there about the starting actions and doing the first few rows.
    I got ch-1800 today – without manuals…

  28. Hi there , I have just inherited a Janome CHJ-3 knitting machine and it has no User/Instruction Manual! Is there anyone out there who has one?? Many thanks!

  29. Hi, I have just been given a Janome CH 1500 knitting machine, it is in perfect condition but alas no manual! As I am hoping to use the machine to start a knitting ministry in our church (to make school jerseys for orphans and desperately poor children) I really do need a manual to get started. Anyone have any idea where I can find the manual

  30. For future reference Britlady52 has a Corona CH 1800 manual and the matching ribber manual on her website. It is one page at a time but can be copied. I have this machine and ribber and this is where I got my manuals. Kim

  31. Hi All – I may be way out of time here but if anyone else comes on here looking for Corona Manuals – there are some for free download – along with accessory instructions too, on my photobucket site.

    Click on the website link given above and you will get a list of albums. Look for ‘Corona’ and you will see many folders listed on there.

    Opening a folder will give you thumbnail pics. Clicking on one of the pics will enlarge it into a slideshow, offering the option to download each page individually.

    I am also hoping very soon to get a Corona CN110 and will be adding a copy of that manual to the site, within the next month.

  32. I have Corona 1500, just like new, which I haven’t used in over 40 years. I taught myself how to use it when I bought it but have forgotten how to thread the carrage (old age!) Can anyone help? Thank you.

      • Hi Terri,
        I just got a Corona ch-1500 from my mom. It is over 40 years old and has been used only once (when she got it). I couldn’t find the manual, so your pictures came in very handy. The issue though is that I can’t get it to knit more than one row. The carriage gets very stiff after the first row and can’t smoothly go over the needles. Do you have any advice on how to get it to work or what I’m doing wrong. Will appreciate any help you can give.

    • I have to put my hands up and say I can remember very little of how this works. I owned these machines (1500 & 1800 – one with a ribber) when I lived in the US and all I can remember about them is how wonderfully made they were. I had all the gadgets for it too (vertical pattern maker etc.) and for an older machine, it was way ahead of its time. I’ll do my best to help, but my memory isn’t the best in the world either :-)

  33. does anyone know where i can get a carriage for my corona jumbo chunky knitting machine all feed back will be greatly appreciated

  34. I just bought the ch 1500. That’s for the history lesson! The link to the original post doesn’t appear to be working.

  35. I am in need of the Corona Genie CHR200 Ribber feeder arm or if anyone knows if there is another ribber brand/model that is equivalent to this model. The feeder arm that came with my ribber is for the Main machine and not the ribber.

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