Completed boatneck sweater

Finally got around to seaming this baby sweater and sewing on some buttons. How’s it look?

It was knit on my Brother KH-860 with two skeins of Regia sock yarn in brown and less than half a skein of light orange Patons Kroy, both from my stash. Unorthodox colors for a baby sweater, perhaps, but I hate pastel baby clothes anyway.

I don’t know baby sizes very well, but according to my mom, it’s about a 12-month size. This is a sweater for a humanitarian charity, and I wanted a sweater that’d fit a baby for a while. So the sleeves are pretty wide so that they can be rolled up if it’s too big but still allow room for the kid to grow into it. The boatneck with buttons makes it easy to slip over a baby’s head.

I’m a huge fan of this sweater construction now – very easy! The front and back are identical rectangles (save for buttonholes on the back) and the sleeves are rectangular, too. No shaping means it’s very quick knitting.

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