Challenge: punchcard 7J

Continuing along with my Summer 2007 Machine Knitting Challenge – no one’s shown an interest in joining me in this, more’s the pity – this afternoon I tried two-color skip stitch with punchcard 7J. I used two colors of a Japanese fingering weight yarn called Hamanaka Four-ply (ハマナかフォープライ). It’s 65% acrylic, 35% wool, and I really like the stitch definition. There are several other Hamanaka yarns in my stash, so I guess I should start trying those out, too.

Anyway, about this swatch: I cast on 72 stitches at T6 and knit in pattern for 96 rows. For two-color skip stitch, you need to change the yarn in the feeder every two rows, so that’s a bit tedious, but it does go pretty fast. This swatch took me less than half an hour.

I love this design! In fact, not five minutes after finishing the swatch, I cast on for a baby sweater. I had some brown sock yarn sitting around unloved in my stash, so I paired that with a light orange. I think the colors complement each other, don’t you?

Yeah, I know, hard to see yet. Since I’m not a big fan of pastels for babies – why do you think I’m using the pink and blue for swatches? ’cause I don’t want to use it for actual projects – I think brown and orange will be fine. Darker colors don’t show dirt as much, either, right?

When it’s finished, it’ll be a boatneck baby pullover with buttons at the neckline to make it easier to pull over a baby’s head. The ribbing at the bottom is brown, and I haven’t yet decided whether to have the ribbing forming the boat neck brown, too, or make it orange. The sleeves will probably be solid brown, because I don’t want to do all the sleeve decrease while knitting in pattern. Plus, there are tiny floats on this and baby fingers might snag on them while trying to put their arms in the sleeves.

Will post photos when I finish.

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