Challenge: punchcard 16J

A swatch done with punchcard 16J:

This was knit with 56 stitches (4 plain stockinette on each side (using L-point cams) and 48 lace stitches in the middle). Tension at T6 and knit for 90-some rows (two repeats of the punchcard plus a few rows of plain stockinette at the beginning and ends). The yarn is some unlabeled variegated wool from my stash (a garage sale find from years ago).

Here’s a close-up of the lace pattern:

I was planning to make a lace scarf out of this for my mother, but now that I’ve worked with it, I think this wool isn’t soft enough. Only way to know for sure, of course, will be to wash the swatch and see how it feels after drying.

Note: when I first posted this, I accidentally wrote that it was punchcard 20J. It was actually 16J.

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