Kawai Knit Design School (河合ニットデザイン専門学校)

I just stumbled across the Kawai Knit Design School (河合ニットデザイン専門学校) website, a site for a machine knitting school in Japan. It’s out of date, but there are some pictures from a machine knitting fashion show a few years ago: link. Some good ideas there, even if the pictures are small and details are impossible to see. The suit in the second row of pictures is really cute! I’m also envious – I wish we had machine knitting schools in my area! In my neck of the woods, I can’t even get lessons, much less attend formal classes.

I don’t see many Japanese machine knitting pages (home-use machines are called 家庭用編機 (katei-yo amiki) in Japanese), but I’m sure that’s just because I don’t know where to look. Knowing how Japan’s been at the forefront of machine knitting for decades, though, there must be a lot of machine knitting stuff in Japan. The question is whether any of it is online. Another one I’ve found is knit bee: 編む – beautiful knit items to see at that site! (some machine knit, some hand knit).

And now, a plea to Japanese machine knitters: 日本語の編み機 サイトがあれば、教えてくださいね。日本語が下手ですが、読んでみたいんです。

One thought on “Kawai Knit Design School (河合ニットデザイン専門学校)

  1. こんにちはリンダ先生!I realise my comment is coming rather late in the day, but I am sure that you now can find a few Japanese websites about knitting machines. Not nearly so many as in English or for that matter for hand knitting but there are a few. Machine knitting is having maybe a small kind of renaissance. It is still seen as something a bit odd to do, like using a typewriter or record player; a kind of Showa retro oddness hobby rather than a proper クラフト, but the popularity of Yahoo! auctions ヤフオク making it easy to buy second hand machines has helped a few keen knitters take it up. I would recommend some of the blogs and YouTube channels:




    I hope this comment reaches you and that you can find time to machine knit!

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