Challenge: punchcard 13J

Friday evening’s challenge was punchcard 13J, which I’m just getting around to writing about now. Since I learned to do Fair Isle on the machine Thursday, the only new thing here was learning what exactly the card looks like when knit up. While I was at it, I did a swatch in double-length, too, so I could see how that effects the design. Until now, I’ve only tried double-length on tuck card 1J (for a washcloth).

I did two swatches, both 48 stitches wide at T6. The single-length was done for 56 rows (one punchcard repeat) and the double-length for 112 rows (one repeat but with the punchcard only advancing half as often).

Here’s 13J with blue as the main color and red as the contrasting color:

And here’s 13J done on double-length setting:

Other than the challenge, right now I’m making a pair of socks for my mom. I have every color under the sun, pretty much, but she choose a Regia yarn in solid, Army green. Boring!


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