Summer 2007 Machine Knitting Challenge!

I’m the first to admit that I have a lot to learn about my knitting machines. I got my standard-gauge machine in 2000 or so (can’t remember exactly) but have barely skimmed the surface. Color changer? Still sitting in its box, never been tested out. Garter carriage? Also never been used. I’ve used the ribber attachment extensively, though, and the lace carriage’s been taken for a test drive, too. So why haven’t I tried all these other things? It’s about time I did, right?

Then it hit me: I can’t be the only one in the boat. Why not issue a challenge to my fellow machine knitters?

Summer 2007 Machine Knitting Challenge!

What it is: challenge yourself to learn at least one new technique with your knitting machine(s) this summer (winter for our southern hemisphere friends). You decide what to challenge yourself to do. Have a lace carriage but never used it? Not sure how the weave punchcards work on your machine? Are the myriad of patterns on your electronic machine untapped? Never tried the cool (reversible!) patterns you can achieve with the racking handle on your ribber?

If you accept the challenge, post about what you’re doing on your blog or website so we can all share. Wouldn’t hurt to show that machine knitting is alive and well, either.

In my case, I’m challenging myself to make at least one item with each punchcard for my Brother KH-860. Until now, I’ve only ever used two of three of the punchcards. What have I been waiting for? Starting today, I’ll try to use each of the punchcards, including the lace ones.

So who’s with me?


9 thoughts on “Summer 2007 Machine Knitting Challenge!

  1. Have you been peeking in my studio? How did you know I haven’t used the intarsia keyplate that I bought a year ago? Can’t accept your challenge, though, I can’t be forced to do anything I don’t feel like doing, even by myself! LOL I wonder if sugar-free chocolate would work to persuade me. Nah

  2. I’m taking you up on it. I’m working on circular knitting, and so far it’s beating me. Another is seam-as-you-go.

  3. Certainly you’re allowed to post here, but I don’t see a post from yesterday. Maybe a WordPress glitch?

  4. Maybe it is because that i left a link to my yahoogroup?
    I was telling you about what I have done. I have translated some of your challenge, the “What it is:” in to dansih and presented it in my group. It is at group under yahoo and is “maskinstrikning”
    We only writhe in danish, I hope it is ok with you.
    This is my 3. attempt to writhe about it.
    Bente T

  5. Hi Bente,

    Glad you were able to post finally. Sure, it’s fine with me if you post it in Danish. Maybe I can join your group (if you don’t mind me writing in Swedish, that is!)?

  6. hello I am an enlgish knitter of a few years, take heart you will eventually master the lot, as for the garter carriage use fine yarn,weight well make sure all needles are good and stay in the room when it is running,many a disaster have I had leaving it running,tangled yarn, stuck needle etc,knitting on the floor when yarn breaks. Have you joined a knitting club? lots of help there

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