Brother KH-860 punchcards

NOTE: I’m going to post a copy of this in “pages” (see top of right sidebar) so that it’s easily accessible even when I post new entries. The copy is the one that I’ll be updating.

To keep track of my progress in the machine knitting challenge I set for myself, here’s a chart of the standard set of punchcards for a Brother KH-860 and their capabilities:

Type of pattern: Punchcard number
1J 2J 3J 4J 5J 6J 7J 8J 9J 10J 11J 12J 13J 14J 15J 16J 17J 18J 19J 20J
tuck stitch x x x   x   x x   x x                  
two-color tuck stitch x x x   x   x     x                    
slip stitch x x x   x   x x   x x                  
two-color slip stitch   x x   x   x       x                  
Fair Isle x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x          
weaving x x x   x   x x   x x                  
plating x   x         x                        
lace                               x x x x x
fine lace                               x x x x x

This chart should apply to most Brother punchcard machines as far as I know. An x indicates that that particular card number can be used with the pattern type in that row, and a red x marks combinations I’ve tried so far. Looks like I’ve got a lot of cards to try!

Caveat: this is based on my machine’s manual, but my manual is just a photocopy. Some of the circles are solid and some are just outlines, but I can’t be sure if it’s important. There’s no key, and it could just be poor copy quality.

2 thoughts on “Brother KH-860 punchcards

  1. I just purchased a KH-860 and would like to know if you know of a source where I can purchase the original punchcards, as it came with a different set. Being a new machine knitter, can I make my own based on your chart?

    Thank you, Sandy

  2. Hi Sandy,

    I’m not sure where you can purchase the cards, but if you ask on Ravelry or one of the big knitting machine listserves (Knittingmachines on Yahoo Groups or MACHKNIT), I’m sure someone will have ideas.

    You can find scans of all the original cards at the Machine Knitter’s Treasure Chest ( if you want to punch your own. Best of luck!

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