INKnitters and mail fraud

As many in the machine knitting and some in the hand knitting world know, consumers have been having trouble with INKnitters magazine for some time now. They continue to take subscriptions but don’t mention anywhere on their website that they’re no longer publishing the magazine. People who’ve contacted them about getting refunds for their subscriptions have met with no success. The owner apparently finds nothing wrong with taking people’s money for subscriptions and then not providing the magazine.

Solution? I think machine knitters should report INKnitters for suspected mail fraud. It’s a federal offense, and maybe this’ll get the owner of INKnitters to reimburse people for magazines they never received. If you’ve paid for an INKnitters subscription and not received your magazines, please consider joining me in filing a report with the US Postal Inspection Service (it looks like “Merchandise or service > failure to provide” is the appropriate reason, but please feel free to correct me). Then it’s out of our hands and up to the feds to investigate the reports.

This may seem harsh, but many of feel like we have no other recourse. INKnitter’s website’s subscription page still says (as of June 21, 2007), “By completing this form and pressing the submit button, you are entering into a contract to pay the invoice that will arrive with your first magazine. ” Does that not imply, if not outright state, that INKnitters is still forming subscription contracts? Even if they simply don’t process new subscription submissions (I would hope not!), they still bilked many subscribers out of several issues. If you were unlucky and subscribed after their decision not to publish, you paid but got a grand total of ZERO of the four magazines indicated in the subscription. Some were luckier and got 1-3 of their year’s subscription.

To the folks at INKnitters: have the decency (and business ethics!) to post a notice on your website that you’re no longer publishing. While you’re at it, reimburse people! What you’ve done and continue to do is heinous. How dare you keep the money when you know very well you aren’t going to ever provide the merchandise?

5 thoughts on “INKnitters and mail fraud

  1. I’m glad to see this post. I had a sub to INKnitters last year and noticed the lack of final fourth magazine. However I got very busy in other areas of my life and lost track of worrying about it. It may have come in afterall but it just fell from my active attention. I hope the publisher will fix it’s website soon!

  2. 2 years ago I send them money for some magazines. After waiting for 4 months I finally got my mone back minus postal. Why? Whan I contacted them I got 3 answers:
    1. Shipment came back ( wrong adress, not my problem < I faxed my order with my adress)
    2. We will ship you magazines soon
    3. Leave us alone, stop bothering us
    I hope this magazine will go out of business, they are the rudest persons I ever dealt with.

  3. As long as they’re not actually taking money for subscriptions, it’s fine by me. But you have to wonder why they leave the website up with no indication that they’ve stopped publishing the magazine, right? A read head-scratcher.

  4. Glad I found your site when I googled inknitters. Someone put the subscription link in a yahoo group today (probably anaware that it no longer take subscription). I was ready to order when I decided to do some more research as I noticed the dates for the catalogue and nothing for 2008. Also I remember vaguely someone mentioning that they no longer issued new catalogues. Thank you – There should be some inquiries into this.

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