Return of the machine knitter II

After finishing up the spring semester, I’m back in Alaska for the summer. Among other things, that means I’m back where my standard gauge machine is. Took off the dust cover a day or two after returning home last week and knit up a cotton washcloth with a double-length tuck punchcard to refresh my memory.

Then I tried a string shopping bag and learned a new technique: seam-as-you-go. New to me, but not new to machine knitting, of course.

I plan to knit baby sweaters (cardigans, most likely) for charities while I’m home. That way I can learn new techniques by doing small projects and donate them when I’m finished. I’ll get started on that tonight or tomorrow, but right now I’m knitting up a quick 2×2 ribbed scarf with some leftover Bramwell wool. Just want to use up scraps and get reacquainted with my ribbing attachment before I set out on sweaters.

It’s good to be knitting again!


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