Blogging blues

Hm, has it been so long since I posted? I haven’t been in a blogging mood, I guess. Anyway, I’m not all that pleased to see that upgrading to the new Blogger is no longer optional. People have very valid reasons for not wanting their blogs associated with their Gmail accounts! Grrr!


So, the spring semester is well under way and I’m swamped with work. Not much time to knit (or do any other hobby, for that matter). This weekend I’ve been doing some long-overdue seaming of socks and such, and last week I knit up a cotton washcloth or two. Oh, and string shopping bag for a friend’s bon voyage gift. Before that, some doll sweaters for my nieces and three Calorimetry headbands in various colors (one for myself, two for gifts).

My New Year’s knitting resolution was to use only stash yarn (within reason). I say ‘within reason’ because if I need a gift for someone, for example, but I don’t have the appropriate yarn, I’ll make an exception. Doing my best to avoid spending more money on yarn, though – must tighten the budget as much as I can.

Next up (I think, anyway): fitted knee socks. No, I don’t need warm socks most of the year in Houston. But I’ve just had a real hankering for some cute knee socks lately. Probably a bad idea, given the size of my calves, but I don’t care. The only question is whether to use sock yarn – not sure I have enough yardage – or worsted (which I have plenty of in the stash). Hm…

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