Get ’em started early

My hometown newspaper, the Anchorage Daily News, has one of those articles on inexpensive Christmas shopping. You know, the kind where they trot out tired adages about gift-giving being from the heart, not from the wallet, and then proceed to list gift ideas to purchase.

Anyway, notice anything odd about the section for kids’ gift ideas?

Can you imagine little Billy and Susie come Christmas morn? “Cabernet sauvignon? But I wanted Beaujolais!”

2 thoughts on “Get ’em started early

  1. HA HA!!! I read the same article (I love my!) and thought the SAME thing! Someone missed a new header there for sure!

    Hey, what’s the name of your little picture guy up there? My brother brought me back a stuffed one from Japan and he kinda freaks me out!

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