Return of the machine knitter

Apologies to my two readers for not posting in a while, especially not about knitting. Life’s been hectic. You can at least get away with knitting a sock by hand in tedious meetings or all-day conferences, but the machine’s just a bit difficult to hide in your lap.

This afternoon, I knit up a drop-stitch scarf on my bulky gauge machine. Well, drop-stitch if you go by the hand-knitting technique that you’d use to arrive at the same result. I e-wrapped 12 stitches with needles out of use between them, as follows:


where x is a needle in use and _ is a needle out of use. This achieves the look of drop-stitch without actually having to do it. Work smart, not hard, right?

Then I just knit until the skein was used up (Paton’s new SWS wool/soy blend). I like the yarn, but it’s a bit too unplied for me to want to use it all the time. But it was on sale, so I got a skein in every color to test it out. So far, one Panta and today’s scarf. Here’s a pic:

The scarf curls up a lot, and because of that, you can’t see the dropped stitches very well. Guess I’d better block it!

Also, because of the thick-thin nature of this yarn, the stitches look really uneven. Not digging that so much. If they would just introduce this lovely gradient color to a typical 4-ply worsted, I’d be in love.


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