New brew, knitting

Yesterday a few friends came over and we had a relaxed “let’s do whatever the hell we feel like doing” day. There was knitting, swimming, insanely naive pattern drafting, cooking, and beer brewing. I brewed up a batch of British Porter (5 gallons), too. Between watching for boil-overs, I was teaching one friend to knit. What can I say? We’re wild and crazy gals? Or is that nerdy knitters? (Although, one guy ended up coming, so it wasn’t a complete estrogen-fest.)

Anyway, here’s the beer in the primary:

Airlock action shot – look at the bubbly goodness!

I hope it turns out ok. My first attempt at partial mash, which turned out to be damned easy. Thanks to the folks at for guiding me through it when I panicked about doing partial mash with no instructions. I have more pictures, but come on, how interesting are pictures of someone stirring a pot on the stove?

Knitting content: I’m now about 95% done with Isabeau. It just needs the lining and the handle. I didn’t work on it while brewing because I wanted a no-brainer project for that, not something where I needed to count stitches. (That’s also the reason we didn’t get out the knitting machine – too many interruptions with the brewing.) So I started making Pasha for myself. I’ve made one before, but it went to my computer geek brother as a gift.

The other knitters there were doing a scarf and a cell phone case. One I taught how to knit about 4 months ago, and she just came up with the phone case pattern on her own – after just one lesson! It turned out really cute, too. And the other learned to knit just yesterday and already knit a huge chunk of her first scarf. Cool.

Oh, and we watched Farinelli later in the evening. Very interesting movie, and beautiful music! Still, I cannot imagine mutilating any human being for the sake of a voice.


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