Isabeau tote progress

Haven’t had much time for knitting lately, so there hasn’t been anything to post about. This weekend while watching North by Northwest with friends, I did get a couple of hours of knitting in on the Isabeau tote, though. Here’s how she looks now that I’m past the seed stitch bottom and working on the second side:

It really is quite fast. If I can just manage to knit an hour or two a week, this’ll be done in a month or less. (Wow, that sounds hideously slow. Amazing how my knitting productivity goes down when I’m in school.)

When I’m seriously delusional, I convince myself I have time for machine knitting, too. It goes slower on the machine I have here in Texas than the one I have back in Alaska because I have to do more pattern tricks manually. I’m planning on making the free ‘bulky purse’ pattern from Kangamoo Knits for my sister. Bulky refers to the gauge of the machine used to make it, not the design of the purse. It was a free pattern in PDF form that I downloaded from Kangamoo Knits, but I can’t see to find it in their free patterns section anymore. Anyway, pictures when I get that started or done.

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