At last, some free time for an update!

First, a rant: Why does my bank think that a savings account goes dormant after two or three months? That’s ridiculous! I got a letter telling me that my savings was dormant because I haven’t used it, so would I please make an ATM transaction to reactivate it? Uh, ok. Said ATM transaction failed, so I had to resort to customer ‘service’. Their problem? I haven’t withdrawn money from the savings account, so it must be dormant. What the hell? Isn’t SAVING the point of a savings account? Shouldn’t money sitting there earning what little interest the bank deigns to give you be fine just sitting there? I fail to see why this is a problem.


Here’s the Isabeau tote that I started knitting about two weeks ago. I made quick progress and then had to abandon it completely to finish an urgent deadline for school. It’s darker in person than the flash made it look here.

This is going to be my portable knitting project, as opposed to the stuff I’ll be making on my bulky gauge knitting machine. The poor machine’s been sitting in storage all summer while I was gallavanting about, so I set it up this past weekend and made sure everything’s still ok. This is a washcloth I knit up one evening (yarn: Sugar and Cream worsted weight cotton):

I didn’t bother to bind it off properly because I don’t like it. Too big! But the lace trim along the bottom is nice, although it does still curl. When I get some time, I’ll experiment with other trims and make a smaller washcloth.

Here’s the machine I made it on:

I think she needs a name, don’t you? Something for a plain-Jane, reliable ol’ machine. Thoughts?

Something you don’t see often on knitting machines anymore are sinkers, shown in this picture (they’re the second set of needle butts):

These boogers confused me at first until I realized what they were supposed to do. As you can see here, they hang down under the knitting (sorry, I should’ve knit up a sample to make it really clear).

What they do is grab the top row of knitting to keep it from flying off the machine, just like weights. So you hardly ever need weights on this machine, because the sinkers work well. Wonder why knitting machine manufacturers abandoned sinkers?


2 thoughts on “update

  1. As someone whose bank cancelled their current account because I hadn’t returned one of their spam ‘do you want a mortgage’ phone calls (no I do not, this is why I did not return the call), you have my full sympathies.

    Thanks for posting pics of the machine… I’m still tempted to get one but have no space!

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