Craftster circular shrug, take two

I keep meaning to make the circular shrug over at Craftster, but, like so many other things, it never gets done. Last week I decided to attempt it on my knitting machine, so I set off to convert the pattern and swatch. The yarn I chose was a variegated yarn. Love this stuff! The stripey pattern it makes is beautiful.

Then I decided that I’d use a tuck stitch for the body instead of mock rib. Swatched it with the chosen yarn and liked it, so I proceeded to knit it up. After about two hours, I was done with the body and ready to knit the second bit of ribbing. Problem! The yarn broke during the increase and it took me forever to fix it. When I finished the ribbing and took it off the machine, the spot where the yarn broke is really, really obvious. What’s a girl to do? Toss it in the corner and ignore it for a week, that’s what.

A week later, I’m thinking it’s not worth fixing. While the swatch looked great, in sweater form, the variegated yarn doesn’t work well with the tuck stitch pattern. Too busy. (You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it enough to see the texture well.)

So… last night I chose a nice solid color from my stash o’ coned yarn. It’s a dark pumpkiny orange. Swatched it up, and it looks superb! At least I think so. Here’s a close-up of the texture – don’t you think it looks better with a solid-color yarn, too?

With solid-color swatch in hand, I made another one from start to finish (ok, not exactly finished – I still need to bind off). Here it is on the machine waiting for me to decide what type of elastic bind off to use:

And a close-up of the texture:

It’s not really so bright orange, but the flash makes it look that way.

I think I’ll just unravel the first one and use the yarn for something else. It’s such a pretty yarn, but it needs a pattern where it won’t have to compete with the texture.


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