Non-descript socks

Can’t think of a cute name for these, and really, do I need one? They’re just plain socks in a 2×2 ribbing with self-striping yarn. It’s Regia’s sportweight yarn, but I can’t remember the line name. Been in my stash for about five years. About time I used it up! Haven’t decided yet whether to make a heel flap or do a short-row heel. Neither one really jumps out at me.

I’m also working on various machine-knit projects, but so far haven’t got much to show for it but swatches (well, other than stuff for the Dulaan Project). Swatching is crucial in machine knitting, even more than in hand knitting, because you have to use weights, which stretch out the piece you’re working on (they bounce back once you take the weights off). You can’t just knit until you reach a desired length, because the length you see when the weights are on isn’t the length you’ll get when it’s off the machine and blocked.

Anyway, I hope to make some progress with machine-knit items today. Although it is the solstice, so I should go out and enjoy what little sunshine we have on the longest day of the year. Sunrise today at 4:20 a.m., and sunset will be at 11:42 p.m. (and this is just southern Alaska).


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