Punchcard knitting

In an effort to get to know my knitting machine’s punchcard capabilities a bit better, I’ve been whipping up cotton washcloths today. They’re very fast to knit up, and the finished product is really nice (she says, ever-so-humbly). Here are two I knit in under 30 minutes (total, not both), and with garage-sale cotton yarn from my stash:

This is a tuck-stitch pattern in a sport-weight cotton:

This second washcloth is the same punchcard (1J in the Brother series), but done double-length:

I really like the second stitch pattern. Very textured, so it’s visually appealing aside from being good for scrubbing. Many more of these on my to-do list now!

2 thoughts on “Punchcard knitting

  1. Hope you get the job – you’d be great at it!

    There’s a carriage on knitting machines that you push across the needles to knit the stitches. On a punchcard machine, when you push it across, a punchcard mechanism selects the needles for the pattern. Eliminates a whole bunch of manual work.

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