First Dulaan Project sweater finished

I finally got past the procrastination enough to put this sweater together:

All the pieces were knit up on my standard-gauge machine really quickly, but the poor things have been sitting there on the table for around two weeks waiting for me to seam them. Decided to serge it – gotta test that new serger, after all – instead of working them on the knitting machine or laboriously seaming it by hand. Worked out fairly well, I’d say. I’m going to have to practice necklines a bit more. Need to hurry, though, if I’m going to make the July 1 deadline for the Dulaan Project.

Also have several other projects going on the knitting machine. Details to come! I’ve been teaching myself new machine-knit techniques and swatching like crazy, and it’ll all come together into some finished products before too long.

Oh, and the Dresser Scarf turned out well after blocking. I’ll post some in-use photos once the sun decides to grace us with its presence again.


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