Pink Monstrosity complete

Way back in February, I decided to participate in the Knitting Olympics. I chose the Dresser Scarf, but modified it to be wider, longer, and knit at a tighter gauge. Big mistake! At least in terms of finishing during the KO challenge.

It’s finally finished! OK, so I haven’t blocked it yet, but I’ll do that tomorrow. Still, I was getting really tired of that same lace repeat, so I was downright giddy when it came time to cast off. I was even a good little knitter and wove all the ends in right after finished. No sitting there for a month before I get around to it, nosiree.

It’s large. It’s blaringly pink. It’s done!

The Dresser Scarf (held up by my ever cooperative mother):

Mom’s just under five feet tall (she’s shrinking!), so that should give some idea of how big this is. 60″ unblocked, and it’ll probably stretch to at least 72″ once blocked.

I also finished the second arm for the Dulaan Project raglan today (finally! What can I say? I’m a procrastinator.). Now I just have to put in the seams and the neckline. I aim to get that finished tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Pink Monstrosity complete

  1. I love the bright pink color! It works very well with this pattern.
    Maybe you can block it mostly for width? That should open up the pattern without making the scarf too long.

    Your pink monstrosity rocks!

  2. 72″ isn’t too long for a stole.

    The pink monstrosity is great. Completely terrific. And I love it in pink.

  3. Thanks! I’m happy with how it turned out. And that I finished it at all!

    I don’t mind if it’s long, ’cause when I wear it, it doesn’t seem that long. Just seemed like it would never end while I was knitting it.

    I just realized this is one of the only things I’ve ever knit for myself, aside from socks.

  4. Wow, this one’s amazing, and sooo huge! What a great color you chose, and the pattern looks brill too – though I can imagine well that you got tired a bit with it after so many repeats! Fantastic work!

  5. That’s a whole lotta lace! yay! Congratulations on finishing. can’t wiat to see a pic with it on your dresser!

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