Japanese 80s fashions

No knitting at jury duty? What are they worried about? That I’ll stab someone with a needle? Throw a ball of yarn at them? It’s absurd, really. My pencil is sharper than my knitting needles! I can entertain myself perfectly well with a book, of course, but I fail to see why knitting is dangerous in the courthouse. Perplexing!

Moving on to the topic, some of the Japanese knitting books I got in my garage sale haul have the funniest 80s fashions! Case in point:

Really, the sweater’s out of date, but not as hideous as it could be considering the heinousness of 80s fashion. But what’s the harsh look for? Is she trying to scare people off? Let’s take a closer look:

That look could kill!

Turning to the back page reveals that the poor model is probably trying to look mean so people won’t taunt her humongous silver pants. Seriously, who thought these would make good pants for a thin woman? Did the parachute company have a good deal on leftover fabric, maybe?

Now some cute pics, just because. Been dying to include a rotary telephone on your knitted item? Look no further! (Note: moshi moshi means ‘hello’ in Japanese; only used for phone calls.)

But the one that amuses me the most is this:

So… what do you think it might be? A cheetah? Zebra, perhaps? Oh wait, a MONKEY! Thank God the designer included the word, or I’d never figure it out. (What is it with the Japanese and monkeys? And Japanese knitting patterns and monkeys?)

Oh, and there’ll be an update on the Dresser Scarf and Dulaan Project knitting soon. Tonight, even, or tomorrow (if I don’t get called in for jury duty again).

One thought on “Japanese 80s fashions

  1. ha!
    80’s fashion, extreme funny, extreme excentric, extreme… just extreme… my brother usually use to tell me if i go to a halloween party (because of my, ehm… “style” (no style at all))… i wonder that if we were to live at 80’s years, will he say the same?
    should ask… nice pics!

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