More garage sale goodness

When I was a kid, my parents took us out every Saturday morning in the summer to garage sales (assuming we weren’t camping or something). As a little kid, I loved it. As a teenager, my parents embarrassed me beyond belief (whose parents didn’t?), and I wanted nothing to do with garage sales. Now I’m back to loving them. Why? It’s fun to bargain hunt, and sometimes you hit the jackpot.

More great finds this weekend, including:
*Brother overlock serger – YES! I’ve been wanting to get one of these forever, but never find them at garage sales.
*cone of soft cotton yarn
*beautiful fitted suit jacket
*Grolsch bottles for my every-once-in-a-while homebrewing hobby. These are the nice ones you can reuse over and over without needing to use bottle caps.
*24 knitting machine books for 25 cents EACH. Score!

I went back to the same house where I bought all that yarn last weekend, because the lady said she thought she had two more boxes. She didn’t, but she was still selling a ton of stuff, including all those books. Also a brand-new Brother 950, 850 ribber, and linker. I couldn’t afford those (don’t I WISH!), but if you’re in Anchorage and looking for a knitting machine, e-mail me and I’ll tell you where to go to ask her about it. I’m sure she would appreciate finding a buyer. There were lots and lots of books left, too.

These are the books I got, which I’ll now sit and read through:
Let’s Start Machine Knitting (Brother)
Single Motif (Silver Reed)
Variation Patterns (Silver Reed)
Basic Patterns (Silver Reed)
3 Knit/in Punch Lace (Silver Reed)(Yes, bad English translation. It’s a Japanese knitting manual, whaddya expect? The English translations are always so charming.)
4 Tuck/slip Weaving (Silver Reed)
A Time for Hints and Techniques (Sande Baas)
A Time to Knit Raglans (Sande Baas & Marty Godlewski)
Drop Shoulder Sweaters (Marge Blasey)
Traditional Irish Knits with G-Carriage (Tami Nobuyuki)
Fisherman Ganseys vol. 1 and 2 (Phyllis Waterhouse)
Nicely Knit Lines: Professional Pattern Drafting for Machine Knitters (Mary Louise Norman)
The Knitleader for Beginners (Patricia Coulston)
Create with Knit-Weave (Audrey Palmer)
24-Stitch Flames! (Mary Louise Norman)
Bonnie’s Machine Knit Collection
Bonnie’s Summer Machine Knits
The Garter Bar (Alles Knitting Publications)
The Machine Knitter’s Workbook (Alles Hutchinson & Hazel Mae Selzer)
Tuck Knitting (Regine Faust)

So many patterns, so little time!


3 thoughts on “More garage sale goodness

  1. Honey, load the kid into the wagon…we’re going yard saling in Alaska…

    Wow, what a score!!

  2. Funny how I can go years without seeing knitting machine stuff at garage sales, and then KABLAM! Tons of it all at once. No complaints here.

    Now I just have to learn to use all of it much, much better.

  3. Well, take bloody notes would you? And when you’ve got it down pat, call me and I’ll come for lessons. I’ll even supply the beverages of your choice.

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