Dresser scarf finished?

Some very good progress on the Dresser Scarf this week. Just measured it now, and it’s about 55″ unstretched, and at least 60″ when slightly stretched. I can’t decide whether to stop now or knit until it’s 60″ before blocking. Hm… if I stop now, it just needs four rows of seed stitch and then blocking. Otherwise, I’ll keep going. I’ll have to think about that.

I’ll probably have to build a blocking frame for this. I’ve never blocked anything this large before – suggestions? A wooden frame with a sheet stapled to it?


One thought on “Dresser scarf finished?

  1. That’s what I did for the Shawl Time Forgot…. 4 2x2s with metal bracket things in each of the corners. Then with the handy-dandy staple gun (works where duct tape won’t), I stapled a 8’x8′ sheet of fabric to it. Obviously, you won’t need something so monsterous. It was the first time I’d built a blocking frame but I wouldn’t hestitate to build another one if circumstances dictated it. Frankly, it worked better than my padded blocking board and that was a massive step up from pinning stuff to the ironing board.

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